Turn your property into a secure source of income

We at Essegi Immobiliare will help you find the right tenant.

> Are you the owner of a property you want to rent, but don’t know where to start?

> Do you think it’s too complicated after trying unsuccessfully to take care of it yourself?

You know that leaving a vacant property entails significant annual costs, including maintenance, renovation, utilities and taxes.
Renting a house has become essential to turning your property from a source of expense to a (safe) source of income.
But the real problem is finding honest and reliable tenants who keep the contractual arrangements and don’t create stress and hassle. In these cases the risk is that you will be forced to put your hands in your wallet to give the eviction - in the hope of getting your home back in a reasonable time.

Essegi Real Estate is here to help you find the ideal tenant, to get you a stable and worry-free annuity.

Why entrust us with the rental of your property

We are from Lucca and we know our area and the real estate of Lucca.
In our 40 years of experience we have helped hundreds of owners to rent their property in a short time and to the right people.
Our staff is constantly expanding, but we remain a proud family business, in which the human relationship is fundamental to obtain the maximum trust of our customers.
We will guide you from the negotiation phase to the end of the contract, in every technical and bureaucratic aspect.

 Our main goal is to provide you with a transparent and professional service that meets your expectations. So that you understand that relying on a competent real estate agency is not a cost, but an opportunity to value your property and a greater guarantee of finding honest and fair tenants.

What is our Method

> We make the most of your home

We offer a professional photo shoot to maximize the characteristics of your property in the eyes of buyers.
In addition, we estimate the maximum value of your property to get the maximum rent.



> We carefully select the tenants

Before renting your property, we pre-qualify and certify tenants in terms of reliability, solvency and seriousness. We carry out income checks, reviews, protests and references of the previous homeowner to minimize the risk of arrears.

> We maximize your income

To ensure excellent visibility to your property - in addition to the numerous contact list of our agency - we use several promotion channels, including the most famous real estate portals, our website and our physical showcase, located in points of maximum passage in Lucca.



> Full promotion of the property

We advise you on the regulation and taxation of the lease, helping you to choose the most advantageous combination between contractual formulas and tax regimes available. Our goal is to get you the highest net income from your lease.

> We take care of your contract

We are responsible for drafting and registering the lease and all post-contractual practices.
Finally, we will remain at your disposal for the entire duration of the contract!


With Essegi Real Estate you will never be left alone

If you also want to rent a house safely, without stress and at the best market price, 

we will be happy to help you.

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